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About Us

Welcome to SCRIPTS

SCRIPTS Centre is a multi-disciplinary research centre funded by a $10 million grant from IMDA and NRF. The centre focuses on research, development, application, and transition of technology towards scalable and customized privacy-preserving technologies that are aligned with national priorities of Singapore in the Services and Digital Economy of RIE2020 framework.

Jointly led by Prof. Kwok-Yan Lam from School of Computer Science and Engineering and Prof. Hua-Xiong Wang from School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, the centre specializes in privacy-preserving technologies (PP-Tech), which aim to:​

  Preserve individual privacy while allowing maximum value and insight to be extracted.

  Enable organizations to carry out data mining, analysis and sharing, in compliance with data protection regulation enacted in various jurisdictions.


Our Mission & Values

  To serve as a one-stop centre for knowledge, technologies, and solutions for privacy-preserving problems.

  To enable best use of collected data for the benefits of the smart nation by having the ability to preserve the privacy of data during data mining, analysis and sharing.

  To undertake academic research, develop skilled manpower and translate technology for value creation in the domain of PP-Tech.


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