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Prof. Ronald Cramer  |  CWI & Leiden University, the Netherlands

Professor Cramer is head and founder of the Cryptology Group at CWI, the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and he is professor at the Mathematical Institute, Leiden University (both since 2004). He holds a PhD from University of Amsterdam (1997, cryptology) and an MSc from Leiden University (1992, pure maths.). During 1997--2004 he held research positions at ETH Zurich and University of Aarhus. Since 2008, he is a visiting professor at Division of Mathematical Sciences at NTU. Cramer is a Fellow of IACR, the International Association for Cryptologic Research, and he is Member of the KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. He is an author (with Damgard and Nielsen) of the book Secure Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing (Cambridge University Press, 2015), the first textbook on secure computation. His research area  is cryptology,  particularly,  secure computation,  public-key cryptography,  cryptographic protocol theory, and mathematical cryptology at-large.

Prof. Benny Pinkas  |  Bar Ilan University, Israel

He is a professor in the Department of Computer Science in Bar Ilan University since 2010. Prior to joining the university, he was a researcher at STAR Lab of Intertrust Technologies in Princeton, and at HP Labs in Haifa. He was also a faculty member in the University of Haifa and a visiting scientist in Google in 2011-2012. He received his Ph.D. from Weizmann Institute of Science in 2000. His clinical and scientific research interests include design and analysis of solutions to applied security problems using the methods of the theory of cryptography, with a focus on secure multi-party computation.

Dr. Eran Toch  |  Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Eran Toch is an assistant professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tel Aviv University, co-head of the iWit Lab (Interacting with Technology Lab), and also a visiting professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Cornell Tech, in New York. Prior to that, he was a post-doctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, and obtained his Ph.D. from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His research works has focused on Usable privacy and security, Human-Computer Interaction, and Machine Learning in analyzing Human Behavior.

Prof. Xun Yi  |  RMIT University, Australia

Xun Yi is a professor with the Computer Science and Software Engineering, School of Science, RMIT University, Australia. His research interests include applied cryptography, computer and network security, mobile and wireless communication security, and data privacy protection. Recently, his has led some Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects in data privacy protection. Since 2014, he has been an Associate Editor for IEEE Trans. Dependable and Secure Computing. He has published more than 160 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings.

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